Why Independent Living Communities are Perfect for Retired Veterans?

Published: August 9, 2023 | Uncategorized

There are so many benefits for retired veterans to move to an Independent Living community which helps make the decision an easy one. Quality of life alone is a huge factor and, for many, of utmost importance. Veterans will be surrounded by other veterans and like-minded seniors in a community that promotes independence, fun, and opportunity. Better yet, they don’t have to leave their building to join an event and participate in an activity, if they desire. Read on to learn about some of these amazing benefits that you’ll find at an Independent Living community such as The Chelsea at Bald Eagle.  

Gaining Friends 

One of the most significant advantages for veterans living in senior Independent Living is connecting with like-minded people. In the community, seniors have interactive opportunities to gain new friends and enjoy a meaningful life. Instead of being isolated and inactive, seniors are engaged and talking with new friends.

Staying Independent and Active

Another benefit of community living for seniors is the opportunity to stay independent and active. Veterans protect the country’s freedom and want to feel independent as they age. As a result, Independent Living offers the support they need without feeling supervised. Veterans appreciate opportunities to socialize, interact, and live their lives to the fullest. When seniors are active, they are happier and healthier. 

Safe Environment

A retirement community provides a safe environment for aging veterans who may require some assistance throughout the day. Plus, senior community management can access additional services to benefit the community members. While they don’t have continued medical services like Assisted Living communities, senior places have trained staff to care for veterans’ needs when they matter most. As a result, veterans and their families don’t have to worry about safety. What makes The Chelsea at Bald Eagle unique is that our Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care communities are all in one building making the transition easier if required. We also have on-site physical, occupational, and speech therapy services from FOX Rehab

Access to Services

Veterans may live in areas distant from shopping, transportation, and healthcare. Most senior living communities, however,  often provide community stores and transportation for seniors to get what they need, even if they no longer drive. Independent Living communities also schedule activities to encourage interaction during holidays, birthdays, and special occasions. As a result, senior veterans enjoy a vibrant lifestyle with the support they need to be safe and happy.

Healthy Meals

Independent Living communities often offer three healthy meals daily, so seniors don’t have to shop, cook, serve, or clean for their meals. Plus, veterans appreciate delicious meals served fresh without any hassles. While this service may come at an additional fee, the residents no longer have to worry about getting to the grocery store and washing dishes. 

Veterans Benefits

Another advantage of Independent Living communities is access to veterans’ benefits. While all places vary, in some instances, veterans can access certain benefits to help them and their families access essential care and resources. 

Active Lifestyle

When veterans are alone, they might not go out for activities or meals. As a result, their health suffers because of a lack of exercise. An Independent Living community provides facilities to encourage seniors to remain active. From long walks to scheduled trips, veterans always have something interesting to do with others in the community.

Sense of Purpose

Living alone and caring for household responsibilities may become overwhelming for senior veterans. In Independent Living communities, seniors have a sense of purpose with scheduled activities and meals. Instead of hoping the day will bring something unique, each day has something new and different to offer active seniors a sense of purpose. When veterans’ lives have meaning, their overall well-being improves.

Household Maintenance

Taking care of cleaning, shopping, and household responsibilities becomes stressful for seniors, especially dealing with health conditions. As a result, their homes might be dirty and unsafe. Household maintenance is part of the services provided at Independent Living communities to help seniors have a safe and healthy environment. Instead of thinking about cleaning the house, veterans can take time to relax.

Space and Freedom

A medical community might not offer the space and freedom of Independent Living, where seniors have opportunities to get out and enjoy life. Veterans appreciate the area to decorate, express themselves, and explore the neighborhood. Also, Independent Living introduces veterans to other active seniors with similar interests.

People Who Care

The dedicated teams in Independent Living communities help seniors stay vibrant and enjoy life in a meaningful way. Also, the staff can connect veterans with services and benefits to enhance their lives and care for their families. Seniors feel better when surrounded by people who care and are ready to provide for their needs. 

Independent Living communities provide a vibrant lifestyle for active veterans who appreciate their freedom but recognize the need for support. Also, senior communities serve healthy meals, take care of household services, and maintain a beautiful environment for retirement. Seniors have opportunities to explore their interests and make new friends for a full life they can’t wait to live every day.

The Chelsea at Bald Eagle, a luxury Independent Living community in West Milford, NJ, is located in an easily accessible lakeside community. Our team offers everything seniors want in fulfilling independent living, including on-site access to medical and rehabilitative services, five-star daily dining, housekeeping, and maintenance. Plus, each resident receives a wellness plan with on-site services.