Supporting Elderly Family Members in Independent Living

Published: June 15, 2023 | Uncategorized

Support Seniors

Being a senior can come with unique challenges. You have to manage your care and well-being and you may also need help finding appropriate housing and support networks. Individuals looking for ways to assist elderly family members in New Jersey who are attempting to live independently should follow these eight strategies to provide valuable guidance. These tips can help loved ones lead safe, healthy lives on their terms.

Be Prepared

One of the best ways to support elderly family members in community living for seniors in New Jersey is to be prepared. Preparation begins by researching retirement community options, budgeting for expenses, arranging home care services, and ensuring that important medical records and power of attorney documentation are readily available.

Planning can help remove the stress that typically comes with such big life changes. Being adequately prepared in advance can make a tremendous difference for your loved one and the entire family.

Have a Conversation

When supporting elderly family members in Independent Living in New Jersey, the most important thing a family can do is to have a conversation. Ask the family members open-ended questions to understand their concerns and desires related to separate living.

Let them know that you are there to listen without judgment and that you are an ally in their pursuit of separate living. Showing support with positive words will demonstrate to them that separate living does not need to be feared or avoided but embraced for all of the freedom and possibilities it brings.

Inspire an Energetic Lifestyle

Family members can encourage senior wellness by finding activities that they enjoy and ensuring they stay active. Examples include taking a daily walk, participating in classes or hobby groups, and staying socially active. Active senior citizens may help younger generations learn new hobbies or techniques to exercise and stay healthy. Taking the initiative to involve seniors in activities keeps them lively and provides meaningful relationships between generations of the same family.

Offer Transportation Assistance

Elderly family members who live independently may need assistance getting around town, even if they can drive. If a car is unavailable or driving is no longer an option for them, it’s important they have access to transportation services such as taxis, buses, and rideshares.

In addition to providing transportation assistance, family members can also look into programs with reduced fares or community volunteer drivers. This is a great way to ensure the elderly person has access to important medical appointments, grocery stores, and other activities that promote separate living.

Provide Emotional Support

Older adults living independently may struggle with feelings of loneliness and isolation. These feelings can be alleviated through regular contact with family members, such as phone calls and visits. Family members should also look for support groups and other activities that provide a sense of community for seniors. 

Organize Social Events

Organizing fun outings and events can help elderly family members stay connected with their family and friends. This way, they can remain part of the social circle and continue to experience life’s joys. Some ideas for family-friendly outings and activities include visiting a museum, going on a picnic, or having dinner at a favorite restaurant.

Manage Finances

As seniors age, family members must ensure that their loved ones are financially secure. Regular budget and financial reports should be provided so that elderly family members can make informed decisions about managing their money best.

Family members must guide investments, savings, debt management, and other financial topics. Financial advisors and accountants can be great resources to help manage these matters in an organized and efficient manner.

Research Resources

Family members can assist the elderly in separate living by researching available resources. Examples include fundraising campaigns for medical bills or home renovations, housing assistance programs, and discounts for groceries or transportation services. These resources can help elderly family members remain independent and safe while minimizing living costs.

Family members should also stay informed about potential scams and frauds targeting seniors living independently. By doing so, they can protect their loved ones from financial exploitation.

It is important to recognize the courage and resilience of elderly family members who choose to live independently. By providing assistance and resources, they can help ensure that their loved ones remain safe and independent. These seven tips can act as a guideline for family members who are looking to help their elderly loved ones stay independent in their own homes.

Living independently is one of the most important aspects of elderly care. It allows seniors to stay in their homes and maintain independence while receiving assistance from family members or other caregivers. At The Chelsea at Bald Eagle, we offer the finest Independent Living. Contact us today to see how we can help you.